About us

As a subdivision of Gaeaforms, Lil’ Gaea was born when Pinar became mom for the first time to a beautiful girl named Lila. Collection was completed when Lila became a big sister to a baby doll named Iris. With the love for her kids and design, Pinar and Tugrul started designing and producing things for Lila to use in her room or play with, up until they have become a big collection of goods; ready for her second daughter Iris and enough to be launched at the market. Today, Pinar and Tugrul have 3 daughters, third beatiful one named Alin.

For over 10 years, Pinar Yar Govsa and Tugrul Govsa has been working with the State of Art Technologies and materials, designing as well as producing some products like windmills, carbon fiber medical beds, ice hockey sticks, motorcycle helmets and contemporary furniture for their founded brand GAEAforms.

The Collection futures full range of “Heroes” that are inspired by the simplicity of a cardboard box and the possibilities of what a child can turn it into in his imaginative world. Lil Gaea’s fantasy heroes are created based on little Lila’s made up tales in her imaginative world; the Fox bed to curl up in a story time, Sandbox as if an interior beach, Box library to stack into a simple house, a rocket to fly to the moon, a giant macaron to have a bite in a pretend tea party... Overall it is about creating a “ Happy Story ” for our children that is creative, appealing, pleasant and iconic.

Lil gaea’s focus is transition, from a baby to toddler into a childhood, all these stages are designed to create emotional connection between product and the user while decorating homes with soul and passion. Products are pleasant, appealing and playful. As a subdivision of GAEAforms, lil’ Gaea creates the ‘value’ in the form of entertainment, experience and self identity where the creations are timeless, natural forms that serve as simple solutions to both child’s and parents’ lifestyle needs.

Like a simple cardboard box, we create clean, subtle and graphical forms to inspire imagination. We believe small is beautiful and our designs reflect this beauty in fine thought details. In our clean, minimal line, we have adaptable design and use of soft colors as smooth and light as a cloud. The right choice of simple, natural as well as technologically advanced materials blend Lil’ Gaea’ s designs harmoniously. Details make the whole collection magical, filling children with wonder while charming parents.

After years of experience in technologically advanced materials, designers found themselves back in nature with their little gaea collection. Materials are chosen wisely for the functional use of the furniture pieces. Materials range is from Solid wood, plywood to composites. All our paints are nontoxic with health certificates and all is handmade for our little ones.

Modern materials and new technologies we use are suitable for a child and the functional usage of that furniture. In most of our furniture we use big headed specially designed screws to fix together the unassembled furniture, for parents to assemble it easily without any frustration with just any coin money. This small detail we designed became iconic piece for the whole collection.