Care + Maintenance

Clean with a rag dampened with warm water or dry rag. Do not use soap or harsh chemicals, as they will remove the natural, wax-oil finish. If desired you can use a liquid soap that is specially formulized for wood with a right ph balance and not as strong as regular soaps.

If your product is stained with tea or coffee,

Stay away from acidi , chemical products that has ammoniac and solvent based materials.
Keep in mind that products exposed to sunlight a lot will fade out in time.
Do not use the products exteriors, unless it says for Outdoor use.
Wood is a natural material. Small differences may occur between each other. These should not consider as a fault, but as characteristics of the material itself.

Wood needs to be oiled periodically not just to maintain its luster but to keep it protected. Overtime, the finish will fade and may need a fresh application. At this point you may use the wood oil of your choice or contact us for recommendations.